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The only certainty I had was that I would always put my daughter first and never hurt her, so going it alone seemed like the only safe bet. I came to realise that one of the crucial ingredients of a happy child is happy parents, and as much as I embraced the freedom of singledom to a certain extent, that hole that’s left by being unable to share your life eventually started to eat away at me (I think it was devouring my sixth TV boxset alone that did it). And of course it culminated with me meeting the lovely lady who is now my wife.The reality of dating as a single parent though is that you’re not just dating for one – you’re dating for two. I understand that not everyone embarks on the dating journey in search of a life partner, but that’s just how I am.The fallout from introducing your kids too quickly to a new love interest isn't pretty.It can cause anguish for everyone -- especially your kids who are probably holding onto the idea that you and your ex will eventually get back together.

It’s hard to resist the power of someone who not only makes you feel good about yourself but reinforces your negative feelings about your ex.

There was a period after I had separated from my ex-partner when I genuinely intended to remain single forever.

The thought I kept dwelling on was that if my daughter’s parents couldn’t be trusted not to hurt her, then how on earth could I ever trust a stranger not to? With my girl away every other weekend there were plenty of opportunities to get out there, and I had some great experiences (roaming around London after one too many in the early hours) and some definitely not great experiences (infuriating my date by expressing negative sentiments about the monarchy, of all things).

That may be fine for you, but what if your kids like that person and the people who tag along with him or her?

Are you a parent dating again after divorce and looking for guidance?

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Perhaps you met someone you are compatible with but wonder when you should introduce them to your kids.