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They’re not wrong: the eviction was pointlessly cruel and difficult to sit through. Last night’s eviction was retrograde, disappointing and hurtful.But one of the most irritating things about this stunt is that this was not good TV. And the biggest tragedy is that it didn’t have to be.A source on-board told Mail Online about their meeting, explaining: 'They sat on the middle deck with legs intertwined all night.Barker's deception was complex and forensically planned.All this dress needs are some nude heeled sandals and you're good to go for your night on the town, or add a hat and court shoes for a day at the races.The good news is that Gemma's dress is in the sale now (click right to snap it up).

Personal life Arterton is 5 ft 7 inches taller in height and has 68 kg body Weight. Arterton was born with six fingers and so as to remove them, doctor tied off the boneless sixth finger.By AMY STOCKWELL Did you ever get picked last for a team at school?Do you remember standing in front of the class as one-by-one, your peers are chosen to cross over and stand behind the team captains?“This eviction is probably the worst ego wrenching moment in history”, tweeted Emma.In the Behind Big Brother forums, which were alive after the eviction, Melore simply wrote: “Yeah, don’t do that again”. It brought ratings, but it also brought something new, innovative and captivating to the tired reality TV space.

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The couple were seen hugging before he followed her inside, but a representative for Gemma told Mail Online: 'They're not dating - they were filming for Towie.

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